Highlighter Eye Shadow Shimmer

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Highlighter Eye Shadow Shimmer
Highlighter Eye Shadow Shimmer
Highlighter Eye Shadow Shimmer

This glitter highlighter eye shadow blings the  eyes; go natural with a little bling or go glamour gorgeous really bling them up. Whether you do a little shimmer for work or you shimmer a lot for a party; whether you shimmer your cheeks or just blush with a little sparkle; this eye shadow shimmer is so versatile. Made of skin-friendly pigments, this meticulous powder with shimmering glitter let your skin feel free. 


Colours: Gold & Silver & Pink.
Material: Skin-friendly pigments.
Size: 5.5x3x3cm / 2.2x1.2x1.2inch (LxWxH).
Perfect for eye shadows, concealer, blushes and lipsticks.

Subtle highlighter makeup powder with glitter is smooth and is highly pigmented that lasts all day with no irritation.
Exquisite and affordable glitter eye shadow jars are durable and reusable.
3-colours glitter eye shadows in one package, pink, gold and silver eye shimmer.

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